About Us

Ashoka Property Developers are one among the fastest growing real estate development companies in Bangalore. Ashoka Property Developers was launched by seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the Indian realty sector with the vision of facilitating the best in class properties to you. Right from inception, we create a real estate standard that reflects uncompromised quality, functional innovation, transparency and flexlibility.

Our present and upcoming diverse portfolio of projects include residential layouts, gated communities and luxury villas in and around Bangalore. .

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Why buy Your Plot from Us

  • Professionalism

    From the time you interact with us, you get know our professionalism and business ethics

  • Transparency

    We are transparent on pricing, avialability and our terms. Go through our FAQ's for more details

  • Clear Property Titles

    We work only on clear title properties. We co operate fully with your legal laywer on verifying the title of your property.

  • Layout Quality

    We believe quality speaks for itself. Visit our layout to see the superior workmanship and quality of materials used .

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